Angela Maria Directions

Joe & Carol Alosa
64 Broadway Street
York Beach, ME
(207) 363-2550

Driving Directions:

(There are maps at the bottom of this page)

From I-95, Get off at EXIT 7 (formerly exit 4)

Bear RIGHT onto the ramp if your are coming from the SOUTH,
   (OR Bear LEFT onto Ramp if coming from the NORTH)

At the end of the ramp, get in one of the two left lanes.

At light, turn LEFT onto ROUTE 1 NORTH.

After about 1 mile, turn RIGHT at first light onto OLD POST ROAD.

After about 1 mile, take a VERY SHARP LEFT onto RIDGE ROAD

After about 2 miles, BEAR RIGHT at yield sign onto CHURCH STREET
    (Church street is a one way street between Memorial & Labor Days)

At the end of CHURCH STREET, turn LEFT onto 1A SOUTH (aka LONG BEACH AVE)


Angela Maria is 1/8 Mile on Left, just after Moseley Rd, Park on the grass close to the house.

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