Eagle's View House Directions

23 Momenee Lane
Pittsburg NH
 603 538-6424

Driving Directions:

Take 93 NORTH through Franconia Notch to EXIT 35 which is ROUTE 3 NORTH

Follow ROUTE 3 NORTH all the way to Pittsburg (about 2 hours)

Be sure when going through all the small towns to obey the speed limits. They're really strict about this.

Check the chart on the right for approximate distances between points of reference.

Once in Pittsburg, ROUTE 3 travels along a very large lake. This is Lake Francis.

When ROUTE 3 starts to veer away from the lake, you are getting close.

Look for a street on the left called Rabbit Run. When you see it you are almost there.

TAKE A LEFT on SPOONER ROAD it is opposite a sign on the right for Hidden Acres Campground

Follow SPOONER ROAD along Back Lake for approx 3/4 mile and TAKE A LEFT on BEAR HILL ROAD.

Proceed up the hill for a few hundred feet and take a left on MOOSEMUCK ROAD.

Follow MOOSEMUCK ROAD for a couple hundred feet and TAKE A LEFT on MOMENEE LANE

We are the second house on the left. It is log-sided home with a small green sign on the house that says "Eagle's View".

(You can optionally go up Rabbit Run and take a right on Momenee, but the hill is steeper.)




Miles from last point

10 Bishops Brook Bridge
3 Pittsburg Town Line
4 Robie's Cabins
1 Fire Station
2 Spruce Cone Cabins
1/2 Rabbit Run
1/2 Buck Rub Pub
1/2 Spooner Road